Activities in Lake Cathie

Lake Cathie is a popular lake/beach destination. It is a small, quiet town and tourists prefer the serenity, peace and friendliness of the village in preference to the activities of the major towns. Yet these towns are only 10 minutes away.

The beach is patrolled during summer and the lake has numerous free BBQs with plenty of covered picnic tables. It is ideally suited for small children with sandy beaches and shallow water. Fishing is a popular pass time.

Seasonal whale and dolphin watching is popular with viewing platforms on the coast. The area is well known for its bicycle tracks. There is a bicycle track from Lake Cathie to Port Macquarie. In fact the Australian Half and Full Marathon bicycle legs pass by our front gate. Ocean Drive is a scenic route and thus it attracts many riders.

Bushwalkers will enjoy the large and numerous nature reserves which extend inland from the village. The National Parks conduct regular bushwalks in the area. For conventional walkers there are many council-designated tracks throughout this area including in Port Macquarie. Bowls and tennis are within walking of our park and a number of golf courses are available in the locality.